Hi, my name is Sami Turunen aka Rebelpix. I’m a freelancer photographer + photo editor + art director. I’m based in Helsinki, Finland.

I have worked as a graphic designer and art director for over two decades. After shooting just alongside of graphic works for years I gradually moved my focus more and more towards photography.

To me the best feedback is when a client is excited about straight-out-of-camera photos and there is still room to raise the bar a notch or two in post production. The best client is the one who calls again after the last gig :)

In 2016 me and my photographer colleague Behi Assadi created/founded a social media campaign against school bullying called #AnnaMuutokselleKasvot (translated: give a face to the change). Campaign contains 100 portraits of finnish celebrities, common & caring people. More info: www.facebook.com/annamuutoksellekasvot

I photograph for various magazines and clients. Basically my camera goes where ever I’m paid to go. I am a flashgun for hire :)

At your service

Sami Turunen (Rebelpix)